Several facts about Utah Law

1) People are getting tickets for a "front license plate missing".
Here is a code:
41-1a-401 (1)
(a) The division upon registering a vehicle shall issue to the owner one license plate for a motorcycle, trailer, or semitrailer and two identical license plates for every other vehicle.
(b) The license plate shall be issued for the particular vehicle registered and may not be removed during the term for which the license plate is issued or used upon any other vehicle than the registered vehicle.
I am not sure with the wording, but the second sentence doesn't say "plateS" or "Each license plate". I didn't find any code stating I should put both licese plates issued to me.

2) Have you seen unmarked police vehicles (no EX license plate) stopping another cars for speeding?
Here is a code:
(2) The entity need not display the "EX" license plate or the identification mark required by Subsection (1) if:
(iv) targeted toward aggressive driving and accidents involving:
(B) speeding violations for exceeding the posted speed limit by 21 or more miles per hour;
So, if you've been stopped (on a freeway) by such a vehicle for a speeding less than 21mhp over the speed limit - it's unlawful.
Hey, I've seen a really old (1989?) unmarked MINIVAN stopping cars on Salt Lake City freeways! I wonder how it would hold a speed of 100mph vehicle ;-).

3) You've heard that police wouldn't stop you for 10MPH over the speed limit. Not exactly correct, but in most cases its true.
Here is a code:
53-3-221 (4) (c)
(ii) The severity of a speeding violation shall be graded as:
(A) "minimum" for exceeding the posted speed limit by up to ten miles per hour;
(B) "intermediate" for exceeding the posted speed limit by from 11 to 20 miles per hour; and
(C) "maximum" for exceeding the posted speed limit by 21 or more miles per hour.
(iii) Consideration shall be made for assessment of no points on minimum speeding violations, except for speeding violations in school zones.
So, usually they don't bother stopping you.

4) Sometimes a bartender will refuse to give you two drinks at the same time, saying it's the law. BS.
Here is a code:
32A-5-107 (26)
(c) Each club patron may have no more than two alcoholic beverages of any kind at a time before the patron.

5) You buy an expensive bottle of wine in the restaurant, and don't have a time to finish it?
Here is a code:
32A-5-107 (33)
(b) A patron may remove the unconsumed contents of a bottle of wine if before removal the bottle has been recorked or recapped.

P.S. These are not a legal advices. Just some Utah Code extracts.